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I'm Always On my Mind is starting out as a one-man stage production. However, I'm Always on My Mind is an actual comedy series created for a major television network.

This performance will blow your mind, the character [Brock] is so into himself.  He’s charming, charismatic, and handsome, he’s a narcissist, he just hasn’t figured that out yet.  The audience will neither love nor hate him, they will love and hate him at the same time. You’re going to REALLY love it!

This show packs a punch and provides everything audiences look for in a night at the theater: non-stop laughter, unforgettable tunes, top-notch performance, brilliantly written storyline. Directed by television and Broadway actress  Leonard, ''this production is definitely raising the bar in the theatre realm.'' ~ Linda Leonard.

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Living With Rejection is a one-woman stage production, made-for-television movie created for a major television network.

Living With Rejection [LWR] is based on Leslie O'Hare's personal life story. The stage production, movie, and book will take you on a roller coaster of emotions filled with jealousy and envy from a mother towards her daughter.  [LWR] is powerful, dramatic and compelling. O’Hare reveals how she dealt with her experiences of also being rejected by an ex-boyfriend (where she was in an abusive relationship) and rejected by her father and society. As well as how she had to start over after losing everything.

This production and book are riveting, sophisticated, twisted and thought-provoking… Whenever you let this character [Logan] into your lives and into your heart, she’s going to get you hooked, you will love her, she will keep you on the edge of your seat, rooting for her and trying to save her.

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